50 Years of Life, a Retrospective: Part II B.1

Oops…it dawned on me that there was one other sports moment that had to make the list: Phil Mickelson winning the 2004 Masters.  If you could watch that event unfold and say that golf on TV is always boring, well, I got nothing for ya.

Phil Finally Wins a Major


Honorable Mention in my little excursion into my favorite sports moments I watched live:

Carlton Fisk’s Homer in the ’76 World Series

Ozzie Smith’s Homer in the ’85 NLCS

Bjorn Borg/John McEnroe Going 5 Sets in the Wimbledon Final, 1980

UVa Snapping Florida State’s ACC Unbeaten Streak with a Goal-Line Stand, 1996

St. Louis Cardinals Winning the 1982 World Series

Lorenzo Charles’ Game-Winning Shot in the NCAA Tournament

Jim O’Brien Winning Super Bowl V for the Colts over Dallas


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  1. Golf on TV isn’t always boring, although it can be livened up if they were to have a bit where the presenters go “And we take a break from the golf now, and can show you exclusive pictures of paint drying.”

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