A Democrat Stands on Principle

There are so few politicians on either side of the aisle—and decidedly less among Democrats; I’m sorry, but it’s the truth—who stand on principle.  Which is why Bart Stupak is a shining light.  No, I’m sure I couldn’t vote for Mr. Stupak, but I can respect him; here’s why.

4 responses to “A Democrat Stands on Principle”

  1. Nice to see he draw’ the line someplace. Unfortunately, if it weren’t for the insistence by the Obama administration to federally fund abortions, Stupak really want’s to vote for this turkey of a bill.

    • I know, I know. I’ll say this, though: the health care bill is bad from a number of practical standpoints, but abortion is a moral issue. I question your wisdom and your common sense if you vote for this bill; I question your morals and ethics if you would vote to allow abortions to be funded by it.

  2. So much for principle. Sure didn’t take much to get ol’ Stupak to cave. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t written law trump an executive order? I can’t imagine Stupak doesn’t know this. So it seems to me what really happened here is that Obama issued a meaningless executive order banning federal spending on abortion to give the appearance that Stupak was standing on principle so that he could go ahead and vote for this socialist takeover bill like he really wanted in the first place. For proof just look at his response to the Republicans “motion to recommit,” which would have sent the bill back to committee to readopt the Stupak amendment to prohibit taxpayer funding for abortion under the bill. Stupak said, “This motion is to politicize life, not prioritize life.” REALLY? Now there’s the pot calling the kettle black!

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