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Dear Readers (all 6 of you–just kidding, I know there are more of you out there than that!),

It’s time for me to take a hiatus of undetermined length from this blog. I wish I could be more specific as to the length, but here’s the truth: I am in a season of life in which I need to focus my life a lot more than it has been, to put aside, at least for a time, some of the things I’m doing, in order to do fewer things better. Put another way, I’ve got too many balls in the air right now, and I’m not really juggling any of them all that well; way too many drops. Call it “back to basics”, call it what you will, but I don’t feel that I’ve done this blog justice for some time, and I need to focus my life. I do plan to be back, but I really don’t know when. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


P.S. I will monitor the site, and reserve the right to comment if we get people posting out on the fringes; Laurie, Jack, et al, your contributions in refuting the way-out are invaluable, and keep it up. The Camping post seems to be doing pretty well yet; some good discussions with a minimum of flaming, so that’s good.

9 responses to “Blog Hiatus”

  1. I’ll check in every week or two. I really enjoy your blog and was especially blessed by the recent post about the African-American gentleman who willingly went to jail because of his pro-life stance. That was inspiring.

    Catcha after the break.

  2. We’ll miss you, but I suspect you’ll pop in now and again, how can you resist our scintillating conversation?

    Go do what you gotta do, catch you on the flip side!

    Take care!

    • Popping already; see Camping posts…

      Just don’t want to devote myself to keeping up with writing new posts for awhile, etc. Even though I’m DYING to talk about the unjustifiable assassination of a murderer. But I won’t mention it…

  3. Dude!

    Just do what Don does on
    down load UTUBE when you don’t have time for a really good article! I just got a new laptop for Mother’s Day, so now I’m bummed that I can’t read your awsomeness in liquid form! (I got that phrase from one of Joseph’s teenage buddies).

    I’d also like to add that you gave a stellar performance as General Custard in Night At The Museum Battle of the Smithsonian! Admit it, the real reason why you are going on hiatus from your blog is to persue your acting career! You started as Patrick Henry in the RVCS Bicentennial school play, and look at you now!

    Patrick says you just want to devote more time to your Fantasy Football Team! Whatever your reasons, I’ll miss your blog!

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