Category: Getting the Gospel Right

  • My Second Response to Ann Coulter

    After writing a column two weeks ago simultaneously criticizing Dr. Kent Brantly as “idiotic” and all American Christians who go on mission trips as those who “slink off” to other countries because they are “tired of fighting the culture war” and “Christian narcissists”, Ann Coulter has (predictably) doubled-down with her latest column. She suggests that […]

  • How Wrong Can Ann Coulter Be?

    Though the MDJ gave a somewhat milder title to Ann Coulter’s recent hit job on Dr. Kent Brantly, her website proclaims “Ebola Doc’s Condition Downgraded to ‘Idiotic’”. To which the proper rejoinder might be, “Ms. Coulter, it takes one to know one.” The two key questions she raises are, first, “Why did Dr. Brantly have […]

  • Making an Idol of our “Witness”

    Is “my witness for Christ” the paramount consideration a Christian should be concerned with when deciding how to live? Though this may sound heretical, I’m going to not only suggest that the answer is “no”, but that it’s even possible for us to make an idol out of our “witness.” Hear me out on this […]

  • The Difference Between Saying True Things and Telling the Truth

    I hate to use Joel Osteen again to make a point–OK, “hate” is a strong word–but it was in the context of a discussion about Dear Joel that I came to think the thought that I post now; to wit, that there is a difference between saying true things and telling the truth. Now this […]