Category: Matters of Life and Death

  • On Monuments

    I didn’t use to call this blog “The No Kool-Aid Zone”. In fact, it wasn’t even me who changed it. “The No Kool-Aid Zone” used to be the subtitle, I guess you would call it, but one day I came to the blog and found that WebbieDude Paul, in doing some refreshing of my blog, […]

  • Abortion is, and Always Will Be, a Crime

    On this date in 1973, as we all know, a renegade Supreme Court, in an act of significant judicial activist overreach, struck down laws in all fifty states regulating the practice of abortion. In the ensuing 41 years, over 50 million abortions have been committed. In the eyes of the United States Supreme Court, this […]

  • In Defense of One-Issue Voters

    A friend of mine who blogs recently wrote a post in which he asked if being “pro-life” entailed more than a simple opposition to abortion (he implied that it does); I suggested in my response that to add a lot of other issues (environment, military buildup, gun control, etc.) to the meaning of “pro-life” is […]

  • Life is Beautiful

    No commentary is needed.

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