Category: Rants about Sports

  • Who is REALLY the G.O.A.T.?

    Spoiler alert: it’s probably–finally–Tom Brady. I hate saying that, and I’m still not completely convinced it’s true, because (as I explain below) I think people use the wrong measuring stick to determine such things, but the cumulative evidence, as determined by a system I developed a few years ago, points to Old Tom finally this […]

  • More on Harold Baines..

    Yesterday, I posted on Facebook my visceral reaction to the news that Harold Baines had been placed among the immortals in Cooperstown. I remarked that this was a travesty, making a mockery of the entire situation. I opined that cronyism was the only conceivable explanation for why a player like Baines—whom I actually liked as […]

  • Raise up a Steeler in the Way She Should Go…

    Practically-Perfect Daughter, who heads off to Christian college in a little over two weeks, is now sweet on a particular young man who is part of our church, and who also (unrelated to her decision, incidentally) will be heading off soon to that same Christian college. He’s a fine young man; I work with him […]

  • The State of Penn State…

    …is a pretty sorry one right now. OK, let’s get this out of the way: what happened in Happy Valley is inexcusable. There is no legal punishment available to the state to deal true justice to that scum named Jerry Sandusky. Further, it is clear that Penn State leaders didn’t do nearly enough with the […]