Category: There…I Said It

  • On Monuments

    I didn’t use to call this blog “The No Kool-Aid Zone”. In fact, it wasn’t even me who changed it. “The No Kool-Aid Zone” used to be the subtitle, I guess you would call it, but one day I came to the blog and found that WebbieDude Paul, in doing some refreshing of my blog, […]

  • In Defense of One-Issue Voters

    A friend of mine who blogs recently wrote a post in which he asked if being “pro-life” entailed more than a simple opposition to abortion (he implied that it does); I suggested in my response that to add a lot of other issues (environment, military buildup, gun control, etc.) to the meaning of “pro-life” is […]

  • Bearing False Witness

    If you pass along emails that you receive from a friend, without bothering to take the time to check on the veracity of what is being said, you are guilty of bearing false witness.  Please take seriously your responsibility as a Christian to “speak the truth in love”. There…I said it.