Category: Thinking About the Church

  • The Church is NOT Responsible for This: A Response to Candice Czubernat

    Please read this first; the following post will make no sense without it. A couple weeks back, a Facebook friend posted a sympathetic response to an article by a frustrated lesbian who complained began her blog post this way: “I hold the church personally responsible for any LGBTQ person who walks away from God and […]

  • An Inevitable Divide

    “And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another.” Matthew 24:10 My pastor has been preaching through the gospel of Matthew. We came to the church for the first time three years ago, after I stepped away from pastoral ministry, and at that time, he was in Matthew 6. I’ve […]

  • Wisdom from a Dead Guy: A.W. Tozer on the Church

    From A.W. Tozer’s book, God Tells the Man Who Cares, his entry entitled “The Vital Place of the Church”: The highest expression of the will of God in this age is the church which He purchased with His own blood. To be scripturally valid any religious activity must be part of the church. Let it […]

  • A Sad Conversation Recently Semi-Overheard

    In the restaurant recently, I overheard a conversation between a gentleman I took to be a pastor, and another fellow I couldn’t as easily place.  But the pastor, in the brief snippet I overheard, was explaining the number of financial commitments that the church had to things like building maintenance, heating and cooling, mortgage, and […]