"Christian Voodoo": OK, NOW I've Seen Everything

A friend sent me info about a family that is attempting–with the encouragement of their “church”–to incorporate voodoo (or, more technically as they call it, “vodou”) into their “Christianity” for the sake of two adopted kids from Haiti.  Now, of course it’s great that these folks adopted a couple of kids from Haiti–well, let’s put it this way: it’s great that they had it in their hearts to do so–but what kind of silliness is this?

More disheartening is that the pastors of a Baptist church would tolerate this instead of (lovingly) offering the family the kind of counsel they need to put away the works of darkness as they embrace the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.  What fellowship does the light of Christ have with the darkness of voodoo?  None.  And the most loving thing that Revs. Thompson and Haak could possibly do would be to disabuse this misguided family of any notion to the contrary–rather than affirm their idolatry.

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