Coming Soon, to a Bookstore Near You!


Here’s iMonk’s list of

Books I’m Working On

3 responses to “Coming Soon, to a Bookstore Near You!”

  1. My Journey to Cleveland, Tennessee: With all the “My Journey To Rome” type books, I thought I could convert to a well known Pentecostal denomination, and describe the various steps in the process. “I found myself strangely drawn to the idea of pushing people until they fell on the carpet.”

    uh oh….should I be in a panic for my dd yet??????????

  2. I’ll bet some of them would be run-away bestsellers. Some of the suggestions in the comments were pretty good too…

    @ sherry – I KNEW “You Best Life Now” was the correct answer!!!!!

  3. LOL Flash!

    I think I’m going to have dd stay at Byron’s for short breaks from college for de-programming!

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