Life is sweeter by far when we hang out with the ones we love – brothers and sisters, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, but the BONUS is when we are around kids, we see them run and jump and we hear them laugh.

Some of the activities we describe are for one person and some can be tweaked so a gang of 40 or so can have fun together.  Have you completely run out of new ideas?  Check out some of the videos below and we’ll show you a few of our ideas!


Help Wanted:  Would you like to help make a movie?  Are you going to be the star?  Camera Operator?  Director?  Producer?  Fan?

Ideas for short videos: 

  1. Can a three-year-old say “Quack quack quack” three different ways?  Put your smartphone camera on video mode and let’s see.
  2. Can an eight year old act like a dog pretending to be a pig?  I’d like to see that one myself!
  3. If you’re a kid, challenge your parents or grandparents to take Carl’s “Parent Quiz”!  On camera!
  4. Help Carl write another chapter or another version of Ducklings with Dimples.  Want to be IN the book?

book cover Ducklings with Dimples

Carl’s very first children’s BOOK.