For Once, I'm Speechless

Flabbergasted. Dumbfounded. Mystified. Incredulous.

Church Non-Compete Clauses

Here’s Brant Hanson’s tongue-in-cheek take on this…buffoonery.

3 responses to “For Once, I'm Speechless”

  1. Duh, ya think? Wow, Jack, can you believe it? I really, really just can’t fathom that such things exist. I’d never sign one of those, personally.

  2. If you don’t teach your people ecclesiology, they will automatically mold the church into the image and likeness of something they already know — meaning, they will either warp it by running it like a business (like Willow Creek does), or warp it by running it like a sports team (how many congregations treat the head ir biggest local college?).

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