Free for Coming, Installment 5

Let’s hope the “chaplain” at UMass doesn’t try to teach anyone ethics:

UMass Chaplain: Campaign for Obama, Get College Credits

Jay Nordlinger comments on how the left’s hatred for Sarah Palin demonstrates the sickness of our society:

Something About Sarah

Many of us are aware by now that Christian singer Ray Boltz (“Thank You”; “Watch the Lamb”) has “come out of the closet”, divorced his wife, and is living a homosexual lifestyle. Ray has fallen for a lot of lies (popular lies, but lies nonetheless); Tim Challies dissects for us

A Lesson in Worldview (Brought to You by the Letter “I”)

UPDATE: Apparently it’s not just Ray Boltz who professes to be a born-again Christian and has come “out of the closet”; now it’s Clay Aiken, too.

In our twisted modern version of “born-again” Christian faith, apparently one can find a way to justify practically anything and still label oneself “Christian”.

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