"O God of our Many Understandings"

That’s the way homosexual Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson began yesterday’s prayer at the opening inaugural event for President-elect Obama. Here’s the whole thing, on a site called “Episcopal Cafe”:

Gene Robinson’s Prayer for President-Elect Obama

Some of the sentiments that the good bishop expresses aren’t too shabby at all, but if one begins a prayer that way, doesn’t it pretty much render everything else in that “prayer” a huge pile of steaming…rotten cabbage?

Therefore, I hereby give public permission to any and all readers, that in the event I am ever heard to begin a prayer with the words, “O God of our many understandings”, you do hereby have not only permission, but encouragement, to shoot me on sight.


4 responses to “"O God of our Many Understandings"”

  1. I’m sorry, I can’t bring myself to read that prayer. The smell of rotten cabbage nauseates me. I feel that from here on out, the spiritual climate in this country is going to be very hard on my stomach; it’s bad enough you can’t watch TV anymore without seeing a gay character on practically every show, within the next few years they will permeate every area of our lives.

    Guess I better stock up on Pepto-Bismol.

  2. I was confused at first, then I noticed the “our”.

    “O God of Many Understandings” suggests God understands our state of being, and I wouldn’t have any problem with it.
    “O God of our Many Understandings” suggests our many interpretations of God are all equally valid. I can’t agree with that. I may not be right in my interpretation of God, but they surely can’t all be right!

  3. I guess,then,that Bishop Robinson wouldn’t have a problem with Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, the Miami pastor who teaches that the devil, hell and sin don’t exist, prayer is a waste of time, and the 10 Commandments are irrelevant. He told people he was the reincarnation of Paul, then he said he was Jesus. Now he says he’s the Anti-Christ, who, he says, is not the devil, he’s the being who replaces Jesus on earth. He has 666 tatooed on his arm and his followers are following suit.

    Hey, he just has a different understanding of God than we do.

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