Prayer For Byron

This is Chris, an occasional poster on TNKZ. I’m writing for Byron. He has suffered chemical burns in both eyes and asks for your prayer, as well as your understanding, that it will be at least a couple of days before he can post or reply.

The good news is that there should be no lasting damage to his eyes. He is in some pain, though, and would appreciate your prayer for the lessening of the pain and for a speedy recovery.

And by the way, there will be no film at 11:00…. 🙂

UPDATE: OK, I can see well enough to explain, briefly; I was staying in someone’s home (homeschool speech tournament), and having forgotten my contact lens case, I borrowed one of his. It apparently had some nasty lens-cleaning chemicals in it–I have never put such chemicals in my lens case–and when I put my contacts in yesterday morning, over a period of several hours, the chemicals did their devilish best. Didn’t hurt at first, or even for several hours, but got me pretty good. I am much better this AM; full recovery ought to take a week or so. I’m 20/40 in left eye; 20/80 in right, as of this AM at doctor’s office. Also, pain is very minimal now; it was pretty intense last evening. Won’t be on computer much more for a couple days, I don’t expect, but I can at least do this much and explain.

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  1. oh my….I have used those nasty chemicals to clean my contacts…and then accidentally popped one in my eye before neutralizing the chemicals…OUCH!!!

    Yikes, it would have been better if it had burned right away so you would know to take them out. Glad to hear you should be ok!!

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