Scenes from the Tea Party

imga0013Lovely Daughter and I went to the Atlanta Tea Party this evening (“my first protest, Dad!”), and there were probably 20,000 patriots there standing for limited government and freedom. Just a few shots I thought would be interesting (there were some great signs there!)…imga0008

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  1. I’ve been listening to some of the comments made about the Tea Parties, “oh, the old Republican leaders set this up”, “oh, Fox News set this up”, “oh, Glen Beck overstepped his bounds by promoting it” – but in the end none can really say that the 600,000+ that showed up countrywide were there for those reasons alone but because they are really concerned about these really relevant and important issues.

    They say, where were they when Bush was spending money? They showed a segment where a journalist was debating with a protestor who called Obama a facist (did I spell that right?), asking if he realized how offensive that is. I wondered, where was she when Bush was called a terrorist?

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