Scrabble, Episode 3

OK, so on the first show, I won big, and then in the second show, I should have lost in the first round, then had a cakewalk in the second, and got impatient and blew a decent shot at the 5 grand in the Jackpot round.  That show was the last taping of the day, and so having won $12 grand, I went to spend the night with friends on CCC staff in San Bernardino, and I said to myself, “all right, Harvey, you’ve made out better than you ever dreamed; now let’s go back tomorrow and break the bank.”  As you’ll see in this first half of the third episode, I played better than either of the first two shows.  I was on a roll:

Yep, blew the girl away in the first round, and then set my best second-round score of my time on the show.

And then, I ran into Joel from MIT:

Gotta tell you, the whole thing was an absolute blast, one of those things that was at least as much fun as I anticipated it being.  I highly recommend it…


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  1. We enjoyed the series Byron, thanks for posting it 🙂

    This was my favorite game show in the 80s, I always thought putting the tiles in the slot was the silliest thing, you can hear them “clunk” when they drop and they obviously do nothing LOL ! Just a little busy work for the contestants.

    soooooo….what did you do with the money and the big question, how much of it went to Uncle Sam?

    • We used it on the downpayment for our first house, in High Point, and not as much of it went to Uncle Sam as you might imagine; seems like it was between $1000 and $1500.

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