Separating Church from State in Marriage

Bob Hyatt gets it right, it seems to me…

Win/Win on Same-Sex Marriage

2 responses to “Separating Church from State in Marriage”

  1. It seems to me that one of the major reasons for the state to continue to regulate marriage is that it has a key role in regulating other family relationships–especially adoption of and custody of children.

    I admit to not knowing much, but the push for even a “civil-union” answer to this problem will eventually amount to group-union/marriage of multiple people of multiple sexual identities who will vie for adoptions of children into undefined, amorphous, unhealthy “family” systems.

    This may already be happening, for all that I know, but it seems to be one of the problematic ways that this issue is going.

    We’ve talked about this before, but I think that the state has a valid stake in marriage and that we should therefore try to uphold its biblical/traditional forms in that realm (as well as in the church).

  2. I admit, this is a sticky wicket any way we choose to go. Would I prefer the status quo? Yes. Is that because it’s right, or because it’s comfortable/familiar? Not sure. Will my rooting interest be with maintaining status quo? You betcha. Do I believe my side will prevail in that? I’m extremely doubtful. Where will we be with marriage in 20 years?

    Your guess is about as good as mine…

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