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  • What You Believe About Homosexuality DOES Matter: A Response to Tyler Smither

    Over the course of the past several days, several of my Facebook friends have (approvingly) re-posted an article by a United Methodist youth pastor named Tyler Smither entitled What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter. I would invite you to click on the link and read what Tyler has to say before proceeding… Now that […]

  • A Treatise on Homosexuality, Part 3: In the Image of God?

    Part next in my series on homosexuality, written in response to the honest inquiry of a friend, whom I’ll call “Bob”, instead of his actual name, Aloysius.  That’s a joke.  Take a pill.  “Bob” writes: For the moment, and I would ask you to bear with me if my thinking is not cutting edge theologically, […]

  • Americans for Truth: Party to More Lies

    Following my post of last evening, Americans for Truth published this letter, written by a parent of prospective Grove City College students: Virginia Parents Leery… This is pure poppycock, and for AFT to publish it—given its distortions (likely created by irresponsible outlets such as AFT and perhaps others)—is to give at least tacit approval to […]

  • Loving the (Homosexual) Sinner

    Here’s a nice article from Jonathan Merritt on the subject of the church acting with love toward those who identify as homosexual: An Evangelical’s Plea: Love the Sinner I have two small beefs with this otherwise excellent and spot-on piece: 1. I think that Jonathan overplays the hand on evangelicals who’ve not acted with grace […]