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  • Matthew 25.org: On "The Least of These"

    I started a series a couple of weeks back on a website called “Matthew25.org”, a “community of Christians” that has come out in support of Barack Obama for president. Here’s the next installment: “Caring for the least of these” is next on Matthew25.org’s list of values. Again, the value is one upon which we all […]

  • Some Questions for Matthew25.org: Part II

    What does it mean to “promote life with dignity”? And which presidential ticket does that best? This is the first item on the list that Matthew25.org says it values in its quest to care for “the least of these”. I hate to be “Mr. Obvious”, but at least on this point, isn’t it a no-brainer? […]

  • Some Questions for Matthew25.org: Part I

    Several weeks ago, I came across a website (via a YouTube video I’d watched) called “Matthew25.org”. For those who may not recognize the reference, this is the passage where Jesus sums up teaching to His followers with the words, “inasmuch as you’ve done it unto the least of these, My brethren, you have done it […]

  • Moving and Aging

    Another light couple of weeks posting-wise, except for my posts regarding Sarah Palin, part of the now-winning McCain/Palin ticket. We’ve been looking for another Reagan-type leader for the conservative movement; who’d have guessed that it might be a she from Alaska? But the point of this post is to explain that we’ve moved into a […]