Today, Practically-Perfect Daughter went to get her Learner’s Permit (how can that be?  She’s only, what, 6?).  Last week, she got her first job.  In a little over two weeks, she gets her braces off.  So let’s see…

She’ll have money, transportation, and good looks.

Color me “terrified”…

5 responses to “Terrified!”

  1. lol…
    and Does Byron Know How to Use that shovel?!.. 🙂

    …Best wishes, Byron… It seems as though Leesha just got her drivers permit…and BAM!…she’s married! =-D
    …Sorry, we’re Not more encouraging!…But we LOVE you anyhow! <3

  2. “Look, son. I’ve got a shotgun, a shovel, and 40 acres out back. You’ll never be missed.”

    — C. Swindoll

  3. VBR gets her permit tomorrow, her braces off in a couple of months…I’m right there with you Byron..



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