Time to Go Lie Down for a Nap…

I just went to the mailbox and received, for the first time in my life, a solicitation for membership…from the AARP.


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  1. Eh? One of the A’s must stand for Atlanta, and the P is either Preachers or Pastors.

    I get it- you give up being a full-time pastor, and then for the first time you get invited to join a pastors’ organisation?

    • No, you Brit you, AARP stands for “American Association of Retired People”. It’s for senior citizens, in other words.

      Which I categorically ain’t.

  2. Yes you are….face it, we’re OLD…

    Many of our classmates are Grandparents…my younger brother is a Grandfather, for pete’s sake!

    Like it or not, we’re old

  3. 38? You’re still a baby. Much as I hate to admit my age to a bunch of youngsters, I hit 50 a couple of years back, and yes, I was horrified to think I’m “in my fifties”. Ugh!

    Thankfully, I don’t really look like it – yet, anyway, and alot of the time I don’t really feel like it, but that almost makes it worse – I don’t wanna get old! Forget about getting old gracefully, I feel decidedly ungraceful about it!

    Thanks for letting me whine…

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