Webbie-Dude Paul, or Hair Bear?

hair-bearCan you tell which is which?

I report; you decide.paul-oyler-toccoa1

14 responses to “Webbie-Dude Paul, or Hair Bear?”

  1. If you take off the glasses and moustache, and white out the eyes…

    Leapin’ Lizards, it’s Little Orphan Annie!

    Plus 40 lbs.

  2. Too busy to do anything now….

    I just signed up for a new Photoshop class…

    the ad for the class assured me I will be amazed to discover all the things I can do with the newest version of Photoshop…

    Not that THAT has anything to do with THIS….bwahaha……..

  3. YES! That’s exactly how I pictured it!

    Thanks for a great laugh, my husband heard the whooping and thought I’d lost my mind.

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